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В компании Shtokman Development AG открыта позиция Upper Completion Engineer. Если Вас интересует эта вакансия и Вы обладаете достаточным опытом и квалификацией, направьте, пожалуйста, Ваше резюме на русском и английском языках на e-mail hr@shtokman.ru, в теме укажите название вакансии: Upper Completion Engineer.

Описание вакансии

The job holder will be responsible for the activities related to the upper completion of Offshore Shtokman wells, including detailed engineering studies and equipment qualification, with the aim of respecting Company standards as well as International and Russian standards.
As such the job holder has to:

  • Prepare the detailed design of Upper Well Completion
  • To identify and lead all necessary studies for the design of Upper Well Completion, and its validation
  • Prepare Completion Equipment specifications and issue qualification procedures if any
  • Prepare the detailed Completion programmes in collaboration with the Lower Completion engineer
  • Ensure that Equipment fabrication and installation procedures are duly developed by the suppliers from detail engineering to offshore installation
  • Contribute to the definition of drilling and completion schedule & cost
  • Interface with SPS XT specialist and as a general manner with SPS team,
  • Reports to the Head of Completion Engineer highlighting concerns encountered in the performance of his duties.
Context and environment
  • The Shtokman project is one of the biggest Gas project in the world today and is technically a complex project. It is located in a difficult environment in the Barents Sea. The project is managed by an OPCO made with 3 different companies with 3 different Nationalities. Two languages have to be used in the day to day activities, Russian and English. Due to the location of the FEED contractors the activities to be managed are scattered in 3 different countries (Russia, France and England).
  • Challenging overall schedule.
  • Challenging Technical facilities: First Offshore Production Facility in harsh Arctic Environment Conditions (Barents Sea). First Ice-Resistant offshore facility to be disconnectable in case of Iceberg Threat. Offshore platform to accommodate a daily gas production of 71 MSm3. Development to respect Russian norms and parallel Authority approval process (TEO)
  • Challenging organisational context: management of a multinational team located in several places and in a complex OPCO context.
Accountable for all the documentation related to Upper Completion of Offshore Shtokman wells.
Qualifications / experience required
  • 5/10 years of experience in Completion design and operation on similar Project.
  • Sound knowledge of well upper completion design, technique and equipment.
  • Engineer level or equivalent.
  • Fluent English mandatory. Russian desirable.

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